Biden vs Buchanan: Is America Heading Towards Another Crisis?

Biden vs Buchanan: Is America Heading Towards Another Crisis?

For an evaluation of President Joe Biden's tenure, it's crucial to understand the framework and comparison points. James Buchanan, the 15th President of the United States, is widely regarded by historians as one of the worst presidents in American history. Buchanan's presidency (1857–1861) was marred by political instability, an inability to prevent the secession of Southern states, and his tacit endorsement of the institution of slavery.

Here are four major points on why some might consider Joe Biden's presidency on a similar trajectory to Buchanan's, taking into account the contemporary dynamics with Russia, China, Hunter Biden, and the possibility of war:

Russian Relations:

One of Biden's most significant challenges has been managing the U.S. relationship with Russia. Despite a series of sanctions and public rebukes, the Biden administration has been unsuccessful in curbing Russian cyberattacks and territorial expansion. This failure to contain Russia's disruptive behaviors could parallel Buchanan's inability to prevent the secession of Southern states.

China and Trade:

On the economic front, Biden's handling of the trade relationship with China can also be scrutinized. Instead of focusing on the implementation of fair trade practices, his administration seems to have loosened restrictions on China, risking American jobs and economic stability. This could be equated with Buchanan's ineffective economic policies which exacerbated the Panic of 1857 and created widespread financial instability.

Hunter Biden and Ethics:

Some see a parallel between Buchanan's tacit endorsement of slavery, a grave ethical lapse, and Joe Biden's perceived lack of action concerning the allegations surrounding his son, Hunter Biden. Accusations of corruption and illicit activities against Hunter Biden have led to calls for an investigation. Critics argue that Biden's inaction on this issue undermines the integrity of the presidency.

Risk of War:

Buchanan's presidency is largely remembered for his inability to prevent or mitigate the causes of the American Civil War. Critics worry that Biden's inability to foster peace, particularly in areas like the Middle East and Eastern Europe, might precipitate a significant military conflict, rendering him similarly unsuccessful.
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