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Based in Las Vegas, Nevada, Milk Consulting is one of the nation's leading political consulting firms. If there's one place Milk Consulting does better than anyone, it’s social media and advertising. 

While the firm offers a full-service suite of political marketing, public affairs, and strategic communications, its creative ads are most notable. Milk Consulting works with national politicians, major franchises, Fortune 500 companies, and nonprofit organizations who seek the firm out based on its track record of creativity.

Our teams experience includes planning, managing, and overseeing all aspects of marketing that utilize web-based digital technologies and leading social media platforms, as well as traditional ground game operations to effectively direct the campaigns of 3 sitting members of Congress; 48 United States House of Representative races; every level and type of state races; and managed several of the Nation’s most prominent Republican political figures.

Our CEO, Robert Duran IV is the only true America First News Influencer and in just 18 months he's amassed a following of 800,000 followers with over 4 billion views across his social media platforms. While legacy media continues to count him and the American people out, he champion's the forgotten men and women of the United States. Lastly he promotes, interviews, and advertises brands that love our Nation and expect the maximum return on investment.

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