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Milk Consulting | About Robert Duran IV

Robert Duran IV is a seasoned political operative and the Founder and Owner of Milk Consulting. With extensive experience in campaign management and marketing, he has worked on the campaigns of 3 sitting members of Congress, 48 United States House of Representative races, and every level and type of state races. He has also managed several of the Nation's most prominent Republican political figures, and has achieved impressive results.

As the only true America First News Influencer, Duran has built a significant following of 800,000 followers and over 4 billion views in just 24 months. Despite being counted out by legacy media, he stands up for the forgotten men and women of the United States, and is committed to fighting for their interests.

Duran is also the Founder and National Executive Director for Rethink! GOP, a political organization dedicated to helping Republicans increase voter turnout and ensure that all votes are counted fairly. Through innovative early voting and ballot harvesting solutions, they make it easier for people to cast their ballots, which can increase voter participation, particularly among groups that may face challenges getting to the polls on Election Day.

Their methods can also help to ensure that all votes are counted, even if there are problems or delays on Election Day. In order to win future elections, it is critical for Republicans to maximize voter turnout among their supporters and ensure that all votes are counted fairly. With Rethink! GOP, voters can be confident that their voice will be heard. Duran is proud to lead this organization and help ensure that every American's voice is heard.

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