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Founded by the audacious and relentless Robert Duran IV, Milk Consulting is an elite Gen Z political consulting firm, renowned for setting the tempo in the game of politics. We are not just any organization; we are a dynamo of groundbreaking strategies, innovation, and unbeatable results, operating at the frontier of political consulting.

At Milk Consulting, we dare to venture where others hesitate. We've marked our prowess with record-shattering feats, amassing 4 billion organic views through our social media campaigns and establishing our e-mail campaign as the industry's gold standard. With the most viral gubernatorial launch in American history as a testament to our teams acumin, our efforts have graced the esteemed pages of the Washington Times, Washington Examiner, and other notable media outlets, such as Fox Digital, Fox Broadcast, Newsmax, OAN, and TED.

Under our aegis, we have a proud track record of over 85 races, including landmark victories that reverberate in political discussions. Our expertise extends to three influential sitting members' campaigns, propelling them to the top with millions of dollars in raised funds. Our dedicated team, armed with cutting-edge strategies and innovative tactics, stops at nothing to ensure our clients' triumphs.

Our tour de force in the realm of influence is our commanding digital presence. Robert Duran IV, our founder, leads the charge with an impressive following of 800,000 patriots, transcending the entire population of Wyoming. With over 4 billion views garnered in a mere 24 months, we've taken virality to a whole new level.

We have also assembled a formidable Republican Influencer Army, akin to the Avengers of political landscapes. Each member is a beacon of conservative thought, amplifying the voices of Republican and Conservative heroes. And it's this assembly that has debunked the Democrats' stronghold on the youth vote; we haven't just stolen the show, we own the theatre.

Milk Consulting doesn't just participate in the present. We shape the future, turning passive citizens into empowered voters. With our innovative GOTV strategies, we are revolutionizing the voting process, guaranteeing that every voice is heard. When you partner with us, you're not just running a campaign; you're launching a political renaissance.

Welcome to Milk Consulting - we are not just changing the game; we are rewriting the rules.

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