While Legacy Media Plummets TikTok Influencers Fill The Void

While Legacy Media Plummets TikTok Influencers Fill The Void


It's no secret that the mainstream media is in trouble. Between plummeting ratings and the explosion of social media as a news source, legacy media is scrambling to stay afloat. In spite of this, many mainstream outlets continue to push their liberal agenda, refusing to acknowledge the growing popularity of conservative-leaning websites and news sources. This blatant disregard for their audience is only going to further erode their viewership and influence.

If the mainstream media is to stay relevant they need to wake up and start reporting the news objectively and without bias. If they continue to ignore their audience, Influencers like Robert Duran IV and his news brand, "United States News Network," are standing by to continue filling the void. 

Although Duran has not been formally recognized for his social media ratings, it is important to consider the impact that he has had on the Republican party. With nearly 4 billion views in the last 18 months, his voice is one of the most influential within the GOP. 

Duran’s influence on social media is undeniable, but what are the implications of allowing an individual this much power? Is he a voice for the people or is he pushing his own agenda? What happens when there is no one to monitor these ratings? Do we just sit back and allow him to continue shaping public opinion without any accountability? Let us know what you think in the comments.


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