Corey Gibson

Corey Gibson

Partner and Chief Communications Officer

Corey Gibson, a staunch patriot forged in the fertile apple orchards of Washington, has imprinted his unique influence in sectors spanning the entertainment industry to the international stage. His extraordinary journey has taken him from the humble orchards to the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, where his strategic mastery resulted in groundbreaking mass-media marketing strategies that have breathed life into the entertainment industry's most triumphant campaigns.

Commanding a keen talent for cultivating strategic alliances and crystallizing grand visions into reality, Corey has seamlessly merged worlds - entertainment studios, major corporations, foreign dignitaries, and NGOs have all benefited from his strategic prowess. Through the initiation and execution of both national and international initiatives, his endeavours have focused on magnifying the importance of education and championing wildlife conservation. These efforts have erected an enduring monument to his name on the global stage.

Corey’s distinctive career and invaluable societal contributions were justly acknowledged in 2023 when Marquis Who’s Who elected him to be a prominent figure in their esteemed Who’s Who in America list.

At present, Corey's unyielding dedication is fuelling a vigorous and victorious conservative movement. As the architect of the America First P.A.C.T. (Protecting America's Constitution and Traditions), he has forged a nationwide coalition of outstanding candidates that is rapidly transforming into an imposing organization with state chapters. Their unified mission: to scout and bolster a fresh generation of conservative leaders, unwavering in their commitment to advocating for America First policies.

Corey's remarkable efforts and unparalleled contributions have not been relegated to obscurity. Renowned publications like the Washington Times and Washington Examiner have spotlighted his work, as have notable media outlets such as Fox Digital, Fox Broadcast, Newsmax, OAN, TED, and a host of others.

As the National Director of Development for RETHINK! GOP, Corey's relentless pursuit to mobilize an unassailable national team is evident. His commitment is reflected in his tireless work to amass the necessary funding and talent to orchestrate a strategic ground operation that aims to leave a profound imprint on the forthcoming 2024 and future initiatives.

In his latest engagement, Corey is embracing the most monumental task of his career. As the new Partner & Chief Communications Officer at the Republican Political Consulting Firm, Milk Consulting, his wealth of experience and unwavering dedication are expected to steer strategies and communications.

Corey Gibson, a shining embodiment of true patriotism, stands firm as a pillar of inspiration. His unfaltering commitment to a more robust, unified, and prosperous America is a testimony to his resolve. Hailing a resolute and vigorous spirit, Corey Gibson’s influence resonates with an undeniable strength.

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